Monday, January 14, 2008

obsessed by irises

So. What do you think about irises? I love, love, love them. It never occurred to me to even think about irises, until we were given some rhizomes when we first moved to this area in 1985. They are like magic, and I wait and watch for them each year as a sign that spring is here.

This photo is from my collection, so it's from last year or the year before. It's a harbinger of things to come. ;)

Whenever an animal (or kid) knocks over a bloom, I cut it and bring it into the house and watch it in wonder. Have you ever done that? That tiny little bud, no bigger than my thumb, transforms into a magnificent bloom the size of my fist within 24 hours. WHERE do the petals come from? I am in awe over God's handiwork, as I study those blooms. HOW does He do it?!!! It's a miracle. :) And it happens on my kitchen counter every year.

All this to say that I find irises to be inspirational.

This is the first quilt that I actually finished, using an iris as its focal point.

"Queen of the Garden"
47" x 58.5"

This quilt can be seen in Jan Krentz's book Hunter Star Quilts & Beyond. (See for more info.)

I thought I was done with the idea - I'm not usually much for series - but I wasn't. There was more to come. But I've got stuff to do, so I'll continue with the "more" tomorrow.

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