Thursday, February 21, 2008

Closet Organization

Sometimes the mess gets to me. Yesterday was one of those days.

Over the weekend, I'd gone to Target and purchased two small shelving units, thinking that I was going to put them in the garage. But then I sat down at my sewing machine and glanced to the left. ugh. Would the shelves fit in there? By golly, it was like they were made for the space.

I removed everything from that part of the closet, prompting my son to pop his head in and ask, "WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?!!!" Yeah, I know. It wasn't pretty. But soon, the area was empty.
I left my tripod hanging on the rod, along with hangers. Yes folks, I need those for drip-drying laundry. There is no maid. :)
This is what the shelves looked like, once I assembled them in the space. MUCH better than the rolling wire drawer unit, don't you think? Even when things get piled in front of the shelves, I will be able to get to the shelf contents. With the drawer system, I had to empty the closet to open the drawer, to access the contents. Yes, MUCH better.
And here it is, looking all organized and beautiful.

You notice that I did not say this was a storage solution. It's not. Although I was able to move some new things into once-wasted space (threads, scrap bins, etc.), I really didn't add any new storage. I just made what I had already stashed in there more accessible. Two shelves contain machine embroidery supplies, one is filled with machine-quilting thread. The wire baskets used to hold only machine embroidery stuff.

There. I feel MUCH better. I can even find things easily. At least for now... :)

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Jan Krentz said...

good job on the shelving - I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief, Suzie!