Friday, February 1, 2008

Kitty Collection

This is Malcolm. He lives in our house and thinks it is HIS house. At least he did until one of our boys came home from college. They have a hate/hate relationship, which doesn't seem to be getting any better. This picture was taken when Malcolm was feeling a bit regal. These days he's often found under the bed, if he's found at all.

However, yesterday, the boy was not looking for Malcolm, so Malcolm took advantage of it. He luxuriously sunned himself in the middle of the living room. When I got the camera, he woke up. He was SO relaxed. He had his head back, on his back, snoozing. Such a ham.
This is Hecate, (pronounced Heck-a-tee). When we brought her home, she was more of a witch- cat than any black cat I've ever met. She's since calmed down enough for us to pet her...if she feels like it. I suspect that her vision is very very bad. I decided that when her brother (Spike III) caught a mouse and she was tracking it, sort of. She was following its motions, only she wasn't focused on the mouse. I think she has double vision and doesn't know what is real or what isn't. No wonder she's a tad spooky.
This is Spike III. He has some of the markings of our two earlier Spike-cats, but he's got this silly mustache that makes it hard to take him seriously. I think he knows it, because he's pretty goofy.
And finally, here is my goldfish. I never gave him a name, because I didn't expect him to live very long. He was part of a pair, the Black Moor died within a few days. But this goldfish has been with us for what? 6? 7 years? I either got him the year before Malcolm or the year after. Both the cat and the goldfish were Christmas presents from my son. Every day they make me smile.

People often ask how many animals we have, and we don't have many, really. See? We have two outdoor cats, one indoor cat, and a goldfish. And I think that's just about right. For now.

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