Friday, February 22, 2008

Small World

This morning I found a comment on my blog from a faith quilter that I met last year at Asilomar. big smile. Her name is Lisa Ellis and her work is wonderful. big smile. She lives in VA, I live in CA. Earlier this week she set up a "google alert" on "faith quilts" and guess who popped up? Moi! bigger smile!

She had already taken this picture on Wednesday, planning to send it to me. Is this cool or what?
Psalm 46:10 Be Still
Suzanne Kistler
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XIX

The only times I've ever seen quilts of mine hanging with blue ribbons have been at the local quilt show, the county fair and the state fair. ooo, it looks so good!!! Thank you, Lisa!!!

She also sent me a picture of her faith quilts, which are hanging close to mine. Don't you love them? Our work is so different, yet the same. Our work seeks to praise God, and to remind others of His glory. He is so good to us. He cares about little things - like crossing our paths last year at Asilomar and keeping us in contact when we live at opposite ends of the country. Wow. What a small world!!!
Quilts by Lisa Ellis
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XIX

And what I find truly amazing, is that in BOTH my artist's statement, AND hers, (on the "San Diego" quilt) we refer to "our extraordinary God." Must be a great minds thing...and a witness to our great God. BIG SMILE!!!

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