Monday, February 11, 2008

Stash, what stash?

This post will probably only be understood by long-time, serious quilters. I'm talking about those of you who have been quilting long enough to learn that colors are cyclical, and just because the stores are FULL of your favorite greens this year doesn't mean they'll be around next year or at any other time in the next FIVE years. I am NOT joking. I found this out the hard way.

The only way to combat the color dictators, other than to dye your own fabric, is to store it away for a rainy day. This is what is known as "the stash."

It starts innocently enough, at least mine did. But then it begins to grow. About 20 years ago (was it really that long ago?) we had a yard sale. Our neighbors also had one on the same day. They were selling a gun cabinet. All day long I looked at that cabinet, imagining what I could do to it. I couldn't take it any more. $20, and it was mine.

I dragged it into the garage, refinished it, covered it in polyurethane and installed fabric-covered shelves. It was PERFECT, and has served me well.

But there's a problem. Can you see by looking at the contents? I see it plain as day. It only holds blue and black and some assorted large pieces of fabric that are waiting to be used. Where are the other colors?


About 4 years ago, I just happened to find this cabinet marked down in Costco. It was the floor sample, and I think I paid under $200 for it. Not a $20 find like the gun cabinet, but it was ready to use, and was PERFECT.
Until I out-grew it. The saga continues...

I confess. I spend a LOT of time looking at catalogs and furniture places, looking for the perfect way to store my stash. Nothing is big enough to hold it all. Is that an indication that it's too big? No, I seriously doubt that! :)

Last year I found a storage solution that I LOVE. This one was also at Costco.
Upon closer examination, it's not made all that well, but it functions perfectly for my needs. It holds my stash where I can see it. It keeps it dust-free and organized. It is wonderful. But it is still not enough.

Both of the earlier stash storage shelving units are in use, and yet those are indeed Rubbermaid containers that you see in front of the cabinet, as well as to the side.

And these are some of the containers in the closet. And there are containers next to the sewing table, on both sides. And under the quilt stand. And in the shelves. And...I think I took them out from under the bed, but they might still be there...

You know, as I write this post, I think it's time for me to seriously think about doing some quilting. If nothing else, the stash is a source of INSPIRATION. Here I come, let me at it!!!

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