Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Blessings!

For the most part, this has been a very unconventional Easter in our household. We don't have all of our children here today, and two of them arrived at 2am this morning. My hubby is sick, so I ventured out alone to Discipleship class and then was joined by the middle boy for church.

Like I said, not our typical Easter.

But some things stay the same, no matter how much they change. Witness the pre-egg hunt photo. Smile for the camera boys!! Okay, we have to take another one because someone was making faces! :)

Here's the after shot. I know, it looks like a lot of eggs, but when you have big boys, the competition gets fierce. :)

Adam was the first one to realize that some of the eggs had dinero in them. (The other boys suspected they were empty.) When Dad asked if all of the eggs had been found, they shrugged. But Adam picked up on it. As Dad walked through the yard spotting more eggs, Adam pounced on them.
He matched him step for step and watched which way his eyes focused.

So much for taking the challenge out of it. :) But that's okay. Making them take finals on the day/night before Easter (can you believe he had one from 6-8pm last night?!!) was enough of a challenge to last a weekend.

And now, they have their well-earned Spring break. Talk about blessings! All of the boys for a week? I love it!

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