Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Flowers

sigh. Daylight Savings Time. What are we saving, really? I'm not saving time, I'm losing time. I sleep later than I would, if the time were what it used to be. If the sun's not up, then neither am I!

This is a most peculiar year. It doesn't feel like Spring, it doesn't feel like Easter. This morning I decided to take my camera into the yard with me, to see if I could find something to change this lack of feeling.

Well, here's something. I spy primroses.

I'm not sure where these came from, but there are yellow and pink primroses all through my "secret" garden. It's been years since I've planted primroses, and surely I didn't plant so many. If they are thriving, winter must be just a memory for them. They look so happy! (Except where the snails have been snacking.)

The next display I see are dianthus. In my mind, dianthus are definitely summer flowers. But they are blooming pretty vigorously right now. Maybe no one told them it is March? I'm not complaining. I LOVE the color, they cheer me right up! :)

And on the backside of the same plot, here come the Johnny Jump-ups. They don't want as much sun as the dianthus, yet they look just as happy. I'm glad that they popped up before Pete spread the stuff that keeps seeds from germinating. Germinate away, little poppets!

Now these are totally unexpected. I usually don't see Dutch iris until the end of the Spring blooming cycle. These came out of nowhere. I'm not complaining, I'm surprised. Another happy reminder that perhaps it IS spring. All of the flowers seem to know it.

And finally, many of the geraniums are blooming. I think of them as summer bloomers as well. Does this mean we're going to have a long summer? Or are they celebrating all of the extra rain they got this year? Or do they know it's Easter, so they've dressed in their finest to celebrate? Whatever the reason, I am thankful for flowers. They add beauty to my world when I least expect it.

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