Friday, March 14, 2008

Locks of Love

Well, I did it.

For years I've heard about "Locks of Love," a program that takes 10" cuttings of human hair and makes them into wigs for cancer patients. Twice I've had my length cut off, both times by stylists who were unfamiliar with the program. It kind of hurts to have inches fall to the ground knowing someone somewhere might have a use for them.

When my mom lost her hair during chemo, she often said, "I wish I could have some of your hair." I wished I could have given it to her. I've often been told that I have enough hair for three people...why did it all grow on my head? Many have asked me to share. But how?

Last week, (or was it the week before?), a friend took me aside and said that if I'd ever consider donating my hair to Locks of Love, she'd be willing to cut it for me. hmmm. Someone with that much confidence MUST know her stuff. I saw her again on Monday, and told her that I was willing. "Let's just do it."

She had an opening this morning, and gave it to me. You've seen the "before." Here is the "after."

Well, what do you think?

I'm not sure what I think, but if I decide I don't like it, it will always grow out again. :) So far it hasn't been in my face - it's been all of 2 hours - so that's good. And it's even better to know that I am able to at least make the effort to share my hair. If it helps one person deal with the effects of chemo, it is worth it!!!

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Anonymous said...

My gosh but you look beautiful. What did your family say. Two of my grandchildren have donated to Locks of Love. (You were beautiful before but what a transformation) Love it. You look younger. Can hardly wait to see it in person