Monday, March 31, 2008

The Promise of Flowers

Spring is here! The flowers declare it to all with eyes to see. :)

I walk out my front door and am greeted by all of these bobbing iris buds, full of promise. I've put out snail bait, so I expect full blooms soon rather than snacked-on remnants this year. Can you see? In the background, by the left birch tree, there is a purple blur - one iris is already in full bloom.

In front of the iris bed, I spy the first rose. This is a beautiful miniature rosebush, that LOVES where it is planted. It does not realize it is a miniature. It wants to be BIG. Just look at all of these buds, reaching up to the sun. They are almost as tall as the iris, and the iris are on a raised bed!
As I look at this picture, I realize that once again the neighbor's house is featured prominently. It shows up in so many of my photos, people might begin to think we live in a similar place. :) Let me assure you, we don't. We may see Tara out our window, but this is what they see from theirs.
See the window between the lollipop trees? That's the window to my sewing room. My machine faces it, so that I can look out and see green and flowers and birds (these days it's crows) and whatever else happens to be out front. It is definitely inspirational.

So. Did I make those of you with snow a tad jealous? Don't worry, by June or July, we'll be roasting in more that 100 degree heat, so you will be able to laugh the longest. Spring usually lasts about 2 weeks in the Valley, so we have to enjoy it while we can. It won't be long before we see Isaiah 40:8 in action "The grass withers, the flower fades..." and then, I'm sure to be found working on my "Flower Fades" quilt in earnest...

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