Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Thingies

See the beautiful orchids, bursting into bloom? I spy them in multiple places around the yard. Despite the 34 degree record lows on Sunday and Monday, today it looks like Spring. Little Johnny Jump-ups are jumping up by the score. I love their perky little faces, smiling at me as I go out to get the mail. They are a definite distraction.

Oh, I don't believe it. I made a few Easter cards, and thought I took a picture of all of them together. But I didn't. Good intentions, poor follow through. Instead, I have a single card to share, to wish you Easter blessings.

Isn't it a cute little quiltie? It measures 5" x 7", and it occurs to me that perhaps it is reminiscent of Be Still? Or perhaps it is an echo of the photo of the orchids. My eye seems to place things in a predictable manner, whether they be fabric or photos. I find that most curious.

And finally, here is another little quiltie that I recently put together. I like making the quilt longer and leaner - it gives a better sense of river, at least it does to me.

And now you know what I've been up to. I haven't meant to overlook the blog, but Spring fever seems to be taking hold and daydreaming is at its peak. I'll try to be more faithful, really I will. :)

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