Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Call it what you will...

...it's mine.

Some days it's a "studio," sometimes it's a "sewing room," today, it is simply a dump. The only thing I've done in it for the past week or so is to walk in and dump things. But today, being April Fool's Day, I'm going to play the fool and show you what it REALLY looks like.

The room is 11' x 11', and was Andrew's bedroom until he left for college in 2002. I moved my sewing machine into his room that fall, but I believe it was the summer of 2004 that I officially took over. He stayed in Santa Cruz, working, and I took that as an invitation to move his things out and my things in. I don't think there's much of Andrew left in the room at all, other than his scientific scribblings and codes and things behind my design wall. I haven't painted or erased the wall. Some day it will be an archaeological find. :)

When you walk in the door, you face the south wall, and this is what you see.

It is the infamous "design wall," currently functioning as a catch-all and not much more. The ironing board is piled high with things from the floor, as well as a quilt waiting to be quilted and a pile of batiks waiting to be pressed.

This is the south wall.

It is probably the most organized wall in the room, with the nice, neat stash there in the corner. The shelving unit next to it isn't quite big enough to hold much of anything, but it works for now. To the right of this photograph would be the open door, there's really nothing to see.

See? Just the ironing, also waiting for attention. Above the door is a triptych made by a friend of mine. I framed it in a shadow box. The chin-up bar on the door frame is an excellent lure for boys. They love to come back and literally hang around and talk. :) That's also the purpose of the director's chair. I try to keep it empty. It also calls to people (particularly my hubbie) and they'll come in and sit and visit while I'm working.

Here's the other half of that west wall. sigh. (See the director's chair in the left corner?) There's another one to the right of it, but that one tends to be a catchall for whatever is waiting to be worked on. Above the closet are some gold/porcelain Christmas plates from the same series my mom used to collect. Whenever I see them, I think of her...

Finally, here is where I sit.

Obviously the sewing table is also currently being used as a catchall. When I walked in to take this picture, I found a shirt on my chair. It appears to be missing a button. My guess is that a button will magically sew its way onto the shirt, and then the shirt will disappear again.

Then again, I could be wrong. :)

I should have taken a picture of the floor. There's about a 4' x 5' area with nothing on it, except sometimes a cat. And it's vacuumed. But you'll have to use your imagination. I'm not taking any more pictures today.

There you have it. Some say clutter is a sign of disorganization, others insist it's a sign of genius. You've seen my personal space, I'll let you decide. ;)

Welcome to April...

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