Friday, April 25, 2008

Little Pretties

This year I promised myself that I would keep current with birthday greetings. I almost made it successfully through March. Then things fell by the wayside. For the multiple April birthdays, I've had a very poor showing indeed. In fact, I've only sent two quilted cards this month. Good intentions and all that.

Here's what I was able to come up with.

First, for my friend Sanah, who is the frozen vegetable queen of the USA... I forget what her real title is, but she's a national sales rep or something to that effect. I sent her a veggie card, to celebrate the big 5-0. (The back of the card is zucchini fabric.)

My sister also had a birthday. I bought the beautiful butterfly pin at the quilt show for her birthday gift, then made it a pretty place to land when she's not wearing it.

And finally, you didn't think I'd post without sharing yet another gorgeous iris, did you? This one's been blooming all week and I'm all smiles.

Tomorrow the neighboring town has an Iris Festival. If I get enough work done, I'll pay it a visit. I might even buy an iris or two. But I shouldn't start counting my iris before those quilts get quilted. Back to work!! Hope you enjoyed the pretties. :)

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