Wednesday, April 30, 2008

no pictures

Poor blog readers. I feel like I've been ignoring you, but I haven't had anything to share. Nothing. zip. nada. The mind's a blank. Maybe that's because the nest is empty. We're officially on EN Day 3, and like I said, the mind's a blank. And that means not much inspiration around here either. sigh.

I've been working on quilts-for-hire: quilt, quilt, quilt, take a sip of coffee, quilt, quilt, quilt some more. It doesn't sound very exciting, does it? The excitement is that someone's quilt is going to be finished, and that's all good.

I'm mighty pleased to have finished my own little quilt a few posts back, and I continue to sit on my laurels for that one. And my "Be Still" quilt is already home from Paducah: Quilt, pray tell, what did you see? What did you hear while you were there? If only it could tell me, but it won't.

I'm in between shows at the moment. All quilts have come home to roost, with the exception of my 2007 Hoffman and some quilts that are out for photography and patterning.

Yes, it's a lazy day in California, and I just wanted to say, "Hi!"

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