Monday, May 5, 2008

signs of summer?

Will you look at this? Too bad all of the kids have graduated and we no longer need to collect insects for Biology. This lovely specimen was out on the patio last night. I discovered him as I was looking for matches to light the barbecue. Guess who's coming to dinner? I don't think so, Mr. Pretty Bug.

If you've never seen one of these moths up close, you are missing out on something amazing. Sure, they make me squeal and duck and cover when they're dashing about their business, but when they're pinned in a bug collection? The fuzz on their backs is as soft and fluffy as a kitty cat.

Here is the reason I bumped into the bug last night. Slab 'o beef for dinner, (aka London Broil). Our church's College/Career group meets weekly at our house, and I feed them dinner. This was plenty of protein for the group, with enough left over to feed us tonight as well.

It looks a lot better when it's cooked.

And as I walked into the house, Hecate was brave enough to not only stay put while I walked by, but to stay long enough to have her picture taken. What do you think? A tad cross-eyed? I'm certain her ancestry has some sort of Siamese...(see the dark on her head, along with her dark tail?) or maybe Himalayan?

I know, I know, there's nothing here about quilts or quilting or any of the reasons you tuned in today. I'm adjusting to empty nest, and quilting hasn't been a priority. I've almost finished a baby quilt, and I'm working on some birthday cards. One more for-hire quilt, and then I'm going to do my Hoffman Challenge...really, I am...July will be here sooner than I think...

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