Thursday, May 15, 2008

Status Report

Well, not much to brag about in today's quilt life, but at least it's something. I finished two quilted cards today. I delivered one this morning and put the other in the mail this afternoon. This is the one currently in possession of the USPS.

I made machine-embroidered labels for "Sierra Snow Melt," then sewed them onto the quilt. (That was last night, so I guess it doesn't count for today.)

I also machine-embroidered names and dates on what will be two ring-bearer pillows. (This was a for-hire project, and yes, I did it today.)

My biggest victory was stowing the embroidery machine (and computer) and clearing off my entire sewing surface. I now have no excuse for not moving on to the next quilt-for-hire awaiting my attention.

After that? Who knows what project will catch my fancy and put me to work? I can hardly wait. (I sure hope it's that Hoffman Challenge. tick, tick, tick, July's not getting any further away...tick, tick, tick...)

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