Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Kicking

Greetings! No pictures today, sorry about that. Not much to report, just doing some for-hire quilting. I'm about 1/3 of the way through a cute Sunbonnet Sue quilt - it's a bit larger than twin-sized.

I picked up two more for-hire quilts this afternoon. Looks like I've got a full plate for the next week or so. What am I going to do about the Hoffman Challenge? This year is such a challenge! I just don't like the fabric. I don't care for the colors, I don't care for the design...sigh. I don't care for it at all. I guess that REALLY makes it a challenge now, doesn't it?

Hey. I can do pictures. Would you like to see my previous Hoffman entries? I can do that.

28" x 28"
Suzanne Kistler 2003

Trip Around Tahiti
28" x 28"
Suzanne Kistler 2004

Tradition II
23" x 23"
Suzanne Kistler 2005

Waving At Tradition
24" x 24"
Suzanne Kistler 2006

Encompassing Tradition
Best Handworkmanship - Pieced Quilts
Suzanne Kistler 2007

Each has been hand-quilted, and each has been selected to travel. It has been an honor. They've gone to such shows as Houston and Paducah and Road to CA. If only they could tell me what they've seen!!

Anyway, that's your eye candy for today. I hope you enjoyed it!!

P.S. If you clicked the Hoffman Challenge link, did the quilt on the far left of the header look familiar? :) It's one of my favorites....

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