Monday, May 12, 2008


Hip, hip, hooray!!! I got an acceptance letter via email today - good thing I checked the spam box!! One of my simpler river quilts has been accepted for the West Coast Wonders special exhibit at the new Long Beach Quilt Festival in July. How cool is that? Very cool. (The quilt is "Sierra Snow Melt.")

I haven't posted a picture of this quilt, you'll have to wait until July. I think that was one of the rules - it's not to be posted/published anywhere before the show. I guess that means I'm going to Long Beach in July. I'll have to see who I'm hanging around with. They said 38 quilts were chosen...I wonder how many were submitted?

A fun aspect of this special exhibit is that it will be traveling through August 2009, should I wish to grant it permission. You betcha, by golly, wow! Of course I'm giving it permission to travel. Bless you, young quilt, go forth and inspire! ;)

Tell you what, it's a lot easier to let a quilt go than it is a child. no doubt about it. Tomorrow our daughter flies off for Italy for two weeks. Have an EXCELLENT trip, Sweetie, and see all of that amazing art you've been reading/studying about for years!!! I love it when dreams are realized, don't you? :)

On the homefront, we're entering empty nest, week 3. So far, so good. It's still unnaturally quiet, but I guess we'll eventually adjust...

And now, I'm off to finish a wallhanging from a friend's pattern. I just need to quilt the border and add sleeve and binding. Piece of cake. Perhaps in the next day or two there will be pictures... stay tuned!

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Lisa Ellis said...

Suzanne - Congratulations! I look forward to seeing a picture perhaps of it hanging at the show. Any chance you will be driving through San Luis Obispo on Hwy 101 on your way. I will be out at my summer house by that time in July. Lisa