Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hi and Bye Again...

Bad Blogger. I'm sorry. I've been busy.

I got back from Santa Barbara on Thursday, and have spent the past few days playing catch-up and preparing to leave again. Today (Wednesday) we are off to San Francisco. On Friday we'll leave SF for Monterey. It's all cow/vet business, I'm just along for the ride. Riding with me will be my Hoffman Challenge. I got a LOT of quilting done while I was in Santa Barbara, but I haven't touched it since. As I said, I've been busy.

The weather here has been HOT. Okay, so some of you are hotter. Yesterday was a mere 92, compared to the weekend's 111. The sky is ugly. We don't have any local fires, but I've heard that there are 800+ fires burning in CA at this time. Most were started by lightning in remote areas. Combine their inaccessibility with our current drought conditions, and you've got a recipe for local disaster and far-reaching dirty smoky air. ugh.

So rather than look to the sky, I look down. It's been too hot for most of my pretties to perform, but my miniature roses are doing their best. This is their second bloom of the season. Aren't they cute? Aren't they pretty? ooh aah. The best part is the lack of aphids, that had been so abundant during the first blooming period...

I was also thrilled to find that this fuchsia survived the winter. It has been in a pot, completely ignored, since last summer. I've never had a fuchsia live for more than 2 months under my care. Perhaps it lives because it has NOT been under my care. It has been hiding under the Rose of Sharon, under my radar. My grandmother used to have large fuchsia bushes in her backyard patio in Malibu, and when I see this, I smile. They are as tiny and dainty as she was. (4'11", 90 lbs)

And on that, I will wish you a happy weekend. Once we leave June, I should be in residence for the month of July. I trust that will translate into quilting time and quilting progress, and when it does, I'll be sure to share it with you! Adios, for now!!

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