Thursday, June 5, 2008


This morning two friends and I were in the living room, having our weekly Bible study.

ding dong. It was the doorbell. I answered in time to see the FedEx man leave a box on the doorstep. What could it be? I'd been told to watch for a few packages this week, but the FedEx package was supposed to be a book. This box was NOT book-shaped.

We were winding up our study anyway, so I asked if they minded if I opened the box. They encouraged me, also wondering what it might be. ohmygoodness!!! I burst into tears.

"Suzie's Irises"
22" x 22"
Sharon L. Schlotzhauer, 2008

This beautiful wallhanging was enclosed with a note stating that it is NOT a birthday gift, it is "just because." ohmygoodness!!! Sharon, you are AMAZING!!!

Once I stopped crying, I called her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

A few weeks ago she asked for permission to use one of my photos as a basis for a quilt, and I'd been quite honored with the request. I had no idea this was what she had in mind. Isn't it beautiful? Here's a close-up of her ink-work.

Once I got off the phone, I ran over to Thimble Towne to show my friends. "Look what came to my doorstep today!!!!" They were as thrilled as I am. :) It's GORGEOUS!!!

I finally came home, settled down, and got back to work on this quilt-for-hire. It's made of Harley Tshirts. I really like the Attic Windows setting, and I think the rust is an ideal accent color.

Harley Tshirt Quilt
Elaine Sitton

I really like her suggestion for the border quilting. It's the tire tread of the motorcycle. Pretty fun, eh? Now I'm off to deliver it, and to pick up another quilt-for-hire. This Sunbonnet Sue will be second in line to the Sunbonnet Sue quilt-for-hire I picked up yesterday. wow. Where is all this work coming from? More pressing is how am I going to get my Hoffman done?

Here's another clue to the Hoffman puzzle. It may be misleading - I am further along than this clue would suggest - but I'm still not quite ready for the unveiling...

That's all for today folks, I promise! :)

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