Monday, June 2, 2008

Outside, Inside, This and That

BEAUTIFUL!! I walked out the front door this morning, and saw a spent bud on the sidewalk. Aha! That means the Rose of Sharon is blooming. I paused, and sure enough, I heard it. Buzz, buzz, the big black bumblebees have arrived.

I stretched the camera up to get this shot. I planted a small Rose of Sharon bush about 8 years ago, it has become a tree that needs to be pruned and topped most rigorously. Every year it blooms from June-September, and every year it attracts scores of bumblebees and hummingbirds. I've seen a couple of hummers out my sewing room window, but I haven't seen them in the Rose of Sharon yet. I'm sure they will arrive soon. Then they'll start fighting and bickering. If you've never heard a hummer peep, it's the cutest thing ever. They are quite entertaining.

This is the current view of my sewing room window. ugh. Ghastly, I know. See the bushes against the house? They were 2-tier lollipop bushes. Pete cut off the top tier a few weeks ago, then ran out of time and steam. Eventually the bottom half will go. The smaller bush between the two also needs to go. And the large white blooming bush to the right - is it a gardenia? Or a rhododendron? I can never remember. It is VERY fragrant. But it's too overgrown. The small shaped bush to the left will be allowed to stay, as will the calla lilies near the brick next to the house. I'm dreaming of a Japanese maple and an extension of the iris garden. Big plans and all that. I'd better get to work while the weather is agreeable. Once it tops 100, I'll be done for the summer. :)

That's what's got my attention outdoors. Indoors, I should be quilting, but I've been reading. This is my choice of reading material. The picture was horizontal. I've downloaded it twice to Blogger, they are insistent that it be vertical. grumble, grumble. You can still read the title, so there you go. This is probably my third time to read this book. I've read all of her books, most of them twice. I enjoy her style and her character development. We can call it research. :)

Last night Pete was reading as well. Apparently Blogger thinks his picture should also be flipped. Flipping Blogger. sigh.

Still, it's fun to see his reading matter of choice. It definitely wouldn't be my number one pick...

So much for reading. I've got quilting-for-hire awaiting my attention. One quilt is almost finished, the second is basted and waiting. I just hung up the phone for yet another quilt-for-hire, I pick it up on Wednesday. It's nice to be busy, but I'm not getting my Hoffman Challenge done. sigh. My personal goal on the Hoffman is to have it basted and ready for quilting in 2 weeks. Goals are good.

And on that, I'm off and quilting. Happy June!!!

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