Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Visitors

Today they are predicting triple digits, and the weeds just love it. ugh. People don't enjoy it, and the flowers hate it, but the weeds? They thrive. Very little will bloom when it gets this hot, at least not in my yard. Moss rose (portulaca), gerberas and gazanias are going to have to suffice for the rest of the summer. And the Rose of Sharon. The Rose of Sharon is my delight during these blazing hot summer days. It attracts lots of visitors, and I heard some of them this morning as I was pulling weeds.

peep! peep peep!!! It was scolding me from across the lawn. It sure sounded like a hummer. By golly, there he is. What's he doing in the birch tree?

peep! peep! Another one? yep. This one didn't stay put, it took off as I tried to get a shot.

I tried and tried to get them in the Rose of Sharon, but as soon as I got the camera up, they'd dart behind the flowers or zoom back to the birch trees, scolding me and each other as they sipped and zipped. Gotcha!!!

One thing that fascinates me about these little guys is that they drink from BEHIND the flower. Can you see that? Bees roll in the pollen in the middle of the flower, and the birds sip from behind. Are they avoiding the messes left by the bees? Or just sharing the restaurant? It makes me wonder.

And for those of you wondering how I do my hand-quilting, I've finally gotten started on my Hoffman. I use a Q-snap frame, and here it is. I guess I should be grateful that Blogger only tipped this picture and not the birds, right? Right. (It's a free site. How picky can I be? ;)

That's it for today. Now I'm off to quilt something around SB Sue-for-hire. The sooner I get started, the sooner I will finish.

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