Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time Capsule

What do you do? I loaded LOTS of pictures this time, and Blogger had its way with them. hiss and spit, mutter and grumble. Do I delete them? Or make you turn on your ear? I'll figure it out as I work my way through...

Pete's Father's Day Quilt
Suzanne Kistler 2001

What better way to celebrate Dad than to capture him in a time capsule? How's this one for an historical archive?

Check out that computer. It's the latest thing in technology, at least it was, way back when...

Say "Ahhh..." I'm not sure what he's doing, tubing that cow. Maybe he's giving her a magnet? or? I could ask him, but then he'd know I was posting his pic for the world to see. :)

This one is more like it. He spends most of his days at this end of the cow. The first picture was a fluke. :)
And then there are the kids. I decided that you can check us out and see how young we were. And thin. wow. I believe we were less than 48 hours onto the parenthood scene when this picture was taken.

Here we are at Pete's vet school graduation, in June 1984. (He still had to attend classes through December, to finish his Master's.) Allison is almost 2, Andrew is due in 3 months.

Here he is, our first son. I think he was the least happy about leaving the womb. But he got used to it... ;)

Here's Daniel, I wonder why people refer to him as "the clone"? Actually, he's a third year Engineering student...

We don't have any pictures of Adam's birth - the camera over-exposed everything. (Yeah, right, blame the camera, not the operator!) :) There's a good picture of him in the last photo, in matching shirts with his dad...

And here we are in Pittsburgh. The kids are posing with Einstein, from Back to the Future. Doesn't everyone go to veterinary conventions for their vacations? They don't? Are you sure? Huh. I wonder why we do it... ;)

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!!

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