Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We All Start Somewhere

This morning I was quilt blog-browsing, and I found one that had posts of the quilter's early works. How fun! I may not have anything new to show, but after 26 years of quilting, you can be sure I have plenty of OLD stuff, to wit:

This beauty is my first attempt at quilting. Although I'd seen quilts in pictures, I don't know that I'd ever seen any up close and personal, other than one that my friend Patrice was quilting. All I knew was that you sewed together pieces of fabric, and then you layered it with batting and a back and sewed the 3 layers together.

Isn't this lovely? It's made of kettle cloth.

Actually, the front is better than the back. Take a gander at this:

(yep, Blogger flipped it again. sigh) The back is 100% polyester, and I've "quilted" it with regular thread. I didn't use a hoop (I didn't know hoops were used for anything other than embroidery), and I did a stick n' stab method. Quite the mess, doncha think?

Just in case you weren't sure, here's the close-up. Yes, a mess. Definitely a mess.

But like I said, we all start somewhere. It's good to know our roots - it keeps us humble.

And on that, I'm off to continue the housework and hopefully! baste two or three quilts-for-hire. Enjoy your day!!!

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