Monday, July 14, 2008

Approaching the Finish Line

I apologize in advance for the color issues. The quilt is outside, drying in the bright sunshine. It is square, something has blown over the top right-hand corner.
"Window of Tradition"
31" x 31"
Suzanne Kistler 2008

It's tough to see the quilting in this bright light. Unfortunately, it is easy to see the marking lines. sigh. Roxanne's pencils strike again. This is why I usually quilt free-hand, rather than mark quilting lines. But time was of the essence, so I suppressed my urge to quilt without marks. Once again I've learned my lesson. I've washed the quilt, the quilt is drying. I've tried brushing the marks off, that didn't work. I've tried an eraser. The next plan is to rub the quilt against itself, to see if I can wear the marks off. If all else fails, I can go back to the old-timer's "secret recipe" of dish soap and vinegar or whatever it was. I have it written down somewhere, in a stack of stuff...

In this next photo, you can see the quilting stitches. Strange that the marks don't show up as well. But then, neither does the jet black background. Once again, it's the lighting.

And so, I will meet the deadline. I still need to make a sleeve and label and ship it, but I shouldn't have any problem getting this to CO by next Friday. hip, hip, hooray!!

As for the kitchen? ohmygosh! I have SO much work to do in there!!! I've been wiping down cabinets, changing shelf paper and washing dishes since Friday afternoon and I've barely made a dent. Who knew I had so much storage? I want to get everything cleaned and put away before I post another picture. For now, imagine empty cabinets and counters lined with glassware. yep. That's what it looks like. Good thing I'm done hand-quilting, I've got a LOT of dishes to wash!!!

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