Thursday, July 3, 2008

Easily Amused

Edgar and Charlie are coming into their own. Just like Malcolm and Hecate, the little boys have distinct personalities. Charlie may be the "bravest" and the alpha cat, but Edgar is the friendliest and most curious. And bounce, bounce, bounce, that boy LOVES to play!

Hecate showed up last night, and actually ate dinner in her usual dining area. The boys wanted some too, but I kept pushing them away, allowing her to feast unbothered. Once she seemed sated, I let them go. She hissed mildly, then jumped down and removed herself from their presence.

All Charlie was interested in was eating what was left of her food. Edgar was more interested in Hecate.

Can you see her behind the pillar? They were playing a bit of peekaboo. She would look at him with one eye, trying to decide what to do about him. He'd perk up and start forward, she'd duck down behind the pillar. He eventually decided she wasn't enough fun, and moved further away to observe her from the shade.

The move spooked her. She could probably see him with both eyes and double vision and thought there were two of him. She took off, faster than I could click the can just catch sight of her tail as she runs around the corner.

She paused briefly, before darting behind the shed - you never know when you might be followed!

But Edgar had already given up on her, and was sniffing through the screen. As I opened the door, who should appear but Malcolm. He's stopped his hissing - I guess he's sure that the house is his and he doesn't have to share - and now he's ready to meet the new kids.

I do hope that the boys will be content to stay in the backyard. Unfortunately, last evening, Pete found Charlie out front. They can NOT go out there yet! They are too little. They will get squished or eaten. It's a good thing they don't mind the kitty crate, because that's where I put them overnight or when I leave. Such a big world with so many dangers! Good thing we're here to watch out for them...

And on a quilting note, here's a photo of the window quilting on my Hoffman:

Arg!!! Blogger!!! You've turned my photos on their ear, AGAIN!!! oh well, at least the cats have their feet on the ground!

This is the background quilting that I've marked. I've only marked one quarter so far, but last night I was able to quilt more than half of it. I might just meet this deadline after all!!! quilt faster, quilt faster!!!

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Daniel said...

Sure, those boys love to play, but boy do they love to fight. I admire their intense training regimen: fighting for 50% of their conscious time.