Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, the wait is over. My quilt is back from Quilt Odyssey in Pennsylvania. It has not been declared a winner, it has been declared "Kawcah."

I kid you not.

The judging sheet had the name spelled correctly, as did the "certificate of entry," but "Cascading Crystal Kaweah" was displayed with the title "Cascading Crystal Kawcah."

Okay, so I know that's not how you spell it in Spanish, but surely someone besides me caught the audio pun.

So. The wait is over. This quilt was not up to snuff when it came to placing. sigh. And the judges? Elsie Campbell and Andi Perejda? I LOVE their work, they know what they are doing. The only criticism/suggestion was that the binding was too wide. hmmm. I'll think about that, but I like the binding the way it is. I don't think I'll change it just now...

So, no complaints. Just a bit of sadness that despite all my best efforts I continue to fall short of the goal. It's a good thing that in the end, the true Judge judges not our works or our efforts, but our faith and the content of our character...

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