Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kitchen Redo, Day 2

Wow. According to Blogger, this is my 102nd post. What a wordy woman! Who knew there was so much to blog/blab about. :) Although my intentions were to focus on quilting and faith, it is apparent that I am easily distracted. As I continue to be, all week long.

The carpenters were here all day again today, and "Captain, there be doors in here!" (Ode to StarTrek IV) It is looking very nice and neat and clean. Anyone want to place your bets as to how soon it will revert to "normal?" I give it a week, since I've got to wash all the dishes before bringing any of the clutter back in.

The green paint still isn't coming through accurately, but this is closer.

Sorry about the glare on this one. The color is better than it was without the flash.

And finally, here's what you see as you look into the kitchen. Definitely an improvement, all the way around. (pun intended)

I've opted out of knobs or handles: the doors and drawers all have finger pulls. I chose plain flat door fronts because I have the dustiest house ever, and I do everything possible to eliminate places for dust (and/or kitchen grease) to settle. Hopefully the kitchen will continue to look this clean and new for a long time to come...

In the quilting department, I'm close to finishing the hand-quilting on my Hoffman. Also, I'm working my way around the very big Sunbonnet Sue for-hire quilt. Its owner called this morning, to see if I was making progress. I was pleased to report that indeed I've been working on it, but I am somewhat embarrassed that I've still got it in my possession. Granted, I've been out of town and I've been distracted, but really. I've had it for a month. I need to get it out of here. Six weeks is my absolute max. I did that once last summer, and it's quite a burden of guilt, even if it's been predicted and expected. sigh. Maybe I should just take the summer off? Now there's an idea. I'm going to have to think about that next year! :)

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