Monday, July 7, 2008

More Than Quilting

It's funny how many quilters and quilt-bloggers out there are in the middle of remodeling. We're sort of doing a bit of it ourselves, albeit the easy way. We've hired a carpenter to reface our oak cabinetry. He was set to begin installation in the morning, but I just got a call that he will be here on Wednesday instead. whew! A reprieve! I was worried that I hadn't finished clearing off the counters. Now that I have another 24 hours, I can relax a bit.

In preparation for his arrival, I thought it might be fun to change the paint around the kitchen windows. This picture was taken after I'd already pulled down the curtains and purchased the paint.

Here is the "after" picture. I didn't have much to paint, but it was detail work, going around all those windows. Do you like the green? It's DutchBoy "Cottage Garden." (I was going to link to the color, but it's not on their website. frown. ) Sorry about the glare in the photos. It happens.

Once all the cabinets are done, I'll post before and after pictures, to give you a better idea. The biggest part of my portion (the painting) has been taking down and rehanging the curtains. They are balloon curtains, and a royal pain in the arse, if you ask me. But they are made from fabric that matches the wallpaper in the raised area above the lighting, so they're worth the hassle. I am reminded why I try to make do with vacuuming them instead of taking them down and washing them. too much work!!!

And now that I have my reprieve, I'm going to mark and begin quilting the 3rd quarter of the Hoffman background. It's halfway done, and it's looking good. I just hope that the marks will wash out - it's been a long time since I've marked anything for quilting, and I hope this doesn't make me sorry I did...

Stay tuned. There's sure to be another update sometime again this week...

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