Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Babies

On our way back from our travels, we stopped to pick up our new babies.

These two little guys are our new backyard cats, to add to Hecate, who lives alone.

Meet Edgar and Charlie. Edgar is the one in front, with the pointy head. Son Daniel said, "Call him Edgar. His head is shaped like Edgar Allan Poe's." And so, he is called Edgar.

I asked, "Does that mean the other guy needs to be called Adolph?" Adam said, "Or Charlie." (for Chaplin) We worked with Adolph for about 6 hours, but I can't live with a cat named Adolph Kistler. It just doesn't work for me. And so, meet Edgar and Charlie.

They immediately made themselves at home, testing every scratchable surface.

Charlie has already caught and eaten (and spit up) a June bug, so I'm certain they will rid our yard of interloping rodents. Hecate tries, but with her crossed eyes, the only thing she's ever caught on her own has been a Swallowtail butterfly.

She's scared of these little guys, hissing and running. I do hope she gives them a chance. They're not going to hurt her, all they want to do is have a bit of fun. But the neighbor cats have attacked her more than once, and she doesn't seem to trust others, no matter how unimpressive they might be. It's been less than 48 hours, surely she'll get braver?

Malcolm, our indoor cat, is as brave as they come. He growls and hisses from his sanctuary behind the glass. When the babies pounce at the window, he rears back, eyes wide and runs for cover. So much power in such little kitties. You can see them laugh in surprise at the big cats' reactions.

And on that, I'm really going to go sew. I just wanted to introduce you to the latest family members...

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