Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quilting Status

I could give you pictures, then again, this is just a status report. You've seen them before, and you'll see them again, so this time we'll skip the pics.

1) "Cascading Crystal Kaweah" was "on the truck for delivery" to Quilt Odyssey this morning at 8am.

2) "Sentries in the Garden" has been accepted to the AQS Nashville show next month. I spent the morning working on paperwork.

3) My Hoffman Challenge is almost finished. I've got 1/4 of the background quilting to finish. It's been taking about 2 evenings to quilt each 1/4 of the background.

4) The giant Sunbonnet Sue quilt-for-hire is no longer languishing in waiting. I've picked it up again and have begun quilting. It's going to take HOURS, but I'm whittling them away, a few at a time. I have no idea when I will finish, but at least I'm actively working on it, which is good. I believe I told its owner that I'd probably need until the end of July. I wasn't kidding.

I think that's about it, quilt-wise. It's nice to be back and getting into a quilt-groove. I've been away from my work for far too long, and if it had been much longer, I might have forgotten how! haha, does anyone believe that? Not hardly!!!

Stay tuned to the end of the week, because I'm thinking there will be pictures!

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