Thursday, July 17, 2008

See ya later!!

Blast! Blogger is at it again! What is with them and flipping my pictures? They look so much better on a horizontal plane, the way I took them. I thought I was the artist, but NOOOO, Blogger has final say on that. I have no control. If anyone knows how to turn my photo, please, I beg of you, tell me how to undo this!!!!

My Hoffman Challenge is trucking its way to Colorado. It should arrive on Monday, in plenty of time to meet the Friday deadline.

My favorite part is the back. Doesn't it look great? If you tilt your head to the right, you'll get a better idea of how great it looks. grumble, grumble. If I knew why my pictures get tipped, I would do something to prevent it. If I knew how to tip them back, I would. But I've gone to Picasa, and it is no help. I've got multiple pictures, downloaded multiple times, trying to get them to load properly and I can't find a way to delete those either. My download allotment is loaded with mis-loaded photos. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears...

Now that the Hoffman is bound, sleeved, labelled and on the truck, it's all about the quilts-for-hire...which I haven't been working on because the kitchen is such a mess. The countertops are covered with dishes, which are covered with sawdust. SO much work to do in there! It will probably be another week before I'm willing to capture it on camera.

If I'm not blogging, you can be sure that I'm in the kitchen, trying to bring order to chaos. It is not an easy task.

Until the next time.......

Oh, and Happy 26th birthday, Dear Sweet Allison!!! Hugs and kissies!!! Mom

I waited a day and tried to load the pics again. Again they came in sideways. What am I doing wrong?!!!

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