Friday, July 18, 2008

Taking A Break

What we have here are too many partially completed projects.

The carpenter's work in the kitchen is finished, but my moving in is yet to be accomplished. I've papered my goal of two shelves today, but I still need to wash all of the pots and pans that will fill them. sigh. Instead of working in the kitchen, I am focusing on some for-hire quilting.

SB Sue (aka Sunbonnet Sue, aka SoBig Sue) is gradually making progress. I've quilted the grass in 8 blocks. There are 16 blocks. All of the blocks also need their skies quilted, as well as other detail work. And then there's the sashing and the borders. I've got hours left to put into this quilt. I'm taking a break.

This morning I took a break outside, pulling weeds in the cool, under-90 degree weather. We're supposed to top out at 102 today. I can't understand how the weatherman could state that we were not in danger of "extreme heat" and not burst out laughing. How high does it have to get to be considered extreme? whatever. It does seem much cooler today than it did last week.

As I was outside, I marveled at yet another project that we've undertaken, but not completed.



Do you see the difference? No, I'm not talking about the difference between spring and summer, I'm talking about the un-lollipopping of the yard. Good riddance!! The lollipop "bushes" (that had grown a root system under the foundation) were an eye sore as far as I was concerned. Although they offered privacy, I didn't like looking at them. The plan is to plant a Japanese maple in their stead. But we're going to have to wait for the weather to cool, because nothing is happy when planted in July, unless it's spurge...

The Rose of Sharon caught my eye as I walked back to the house.

It is in full bloom, and offers nectar to those who seek it.

As I stood there, I could hear a variety of sounds: the hum of honeybees, busily working, the deeper thrum of the bumblebees, having a pollen party, the vibration of the hummingbirds, as they hovered and dove. I tried to get pictures, but they were too fast for my digital camera. Instead, I was left with "artistic" photos. You can actually see the bees in the two bottom photos, but you have to look closely. And although I missed my subject, I think these photos are pretty cool...

And that's it for my break. I need to get back to SB Sue, and see about quilting grass under the rest of her little feet. Tally ho!

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