Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The carpenter has been here all day. He arrived promptly at 8am, and set up shop on the patio. He brought lots of cool carpenter toys, and they are still here. The boys are drooling. I've told them they can look but they cannot touch. :)

This is what the kitchen USUALLY looks like. It's busy and cluttered, just like my quilting room.

This is what it looked like this morning:

It looks unnatural, but the carpenter had room to work. He eventually cleared off the few things I'd left on the counter. I really should have emptied the cupboards, but he told me it was unnecessary, so I believed him. :)

This is what my cupboards hold. Obviously NOT the home of Old Mother Hubbard!

This particular piece has the new facing. Wow. It matches pretty well, and it doesn't have water damage like the old stuff. Fantastic!

These are the old drawers. yuck. Twenty years of wear and tear have done a number on them. I'm looking forward to seeing their replacements, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow or Friday.

I'm not sure about these drawers under the stove. I had nice oak drawers there before. I guess it doesn't matter - who will ever see them? But the white is pretty stark. Maybe he has plans for them? I hope so. The SK declaration on the front is pretty distracting. :)

And just to make the menfolk drool, I thought I'd show you the toys left in the backyard. I didn't want to move this, so the backlight gives you a dramatic silhouette.

Adam saw this and wanted to start a new project.

And you've got to admit, an air compressor might be just what the guy who has everything doesn't have yet. I don't think Adam has one of these...

I've also made progress on the quilt front, but I should put that in a different post. Stay tuned.

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