Monday, August 18, 2008

Yes Again

I just got back from 4 days away, and checked the website for the Hoffman Challenge. My quilt is on the list, it will be traveling with Quilt Collection "B." yay!

You might be amused to know that it is scheduled to hang at Houston. That means I'll have two quilts in special exhibits there: "Sierra Snow Melt" with the West Coast Wonders and "Window of Tradition" with the Hoffman Challenge. Hang well, my pretties!

Congratulations to my quiltie friends Lisa Ellis (QC-A) and Kristin Eilers (QC-D) whose quilts will also be traveling, and again, congratulations to my friend Sharon L. Schlotzhauer (QC-A) whose Hoffman entry won a Best Machine Quilting award. Way to go, quiltie friends!!! (And congratulations to those whose names I may have missed in my quick skimming of the list...)

And on that, I'm off. I just got home and have a zillion things to do, but I wanted to share the news!!


Lisa Ellis said...
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Lisa Ellis said...

Thanks for letting me know that my quilt got selected to travel with the Hoffman Challenge. I loved hearing it from you! Congratulations on yours getting in too!