Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely Morning

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... It's been like fall, only not. We're getting a brief detour to warmer temps (upper 80's) for a few days, then it will be back to our week-long fall before winter sets in. One of the sure signs of the end of summer is the end of the coxcomb. I've pulled out most of my crop, although a few hangers on are still in the garden. Most people who see these flowers ask about them. They've "never seen anything like them." They are a brilliant red, and so unusual that they are captivating. Here are two of the last lingerers...

Don't you love the ruffled effect of the bloom? I guess that's what you'd call it. It looks like ruching to me, and if I ever finish my Flower Fades quilt, it should resemble this photo. At least that's the goal. Goals are good.

I made another little birthday card yesterday and took pictures. Sigh. This one shows the color best, but Blogger tipped it.

This one shows the correct orientation as well as the quilting. But the color is washed out. One of these days maybe I'll figure out how to adjust the digital camera (and Blogger) to get the results I desire. Today is not that day.

Finally, here is the recipient of the birthday card. Happy Birthday, dear friend!!! (That's one of the covered journals in her other hand.) Enjoy!!!

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