Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Painting Bummer

No quilt news today, at least not yet. I've spent the morning painting, trying to finish the unfinished bedroom. I finally did finish the walls, despite my best efforts to ruin them.

What happens when you teeter on a ladder that is near a dresser on which a very full cup of coffee sits? Usually nothing. But this morning was not usual. Instead I teetered, the dresser bumped, and the coffee dumped. Not only did it dump, but it went flying.

I couldn't believe it.

It landed on the tarp - yay for the tarp - but the bottom of the cup broke OFF and coffee went EVERYWHERE. I'm talking mostly on the tarp, but also on the carpet, on the dresser, on the WALL, and IN THE PAINT. bummer.

It was at least 45 minutes before I was able to resume painting. I opened the second can of paint, since I'd mixed coffee with the remnants of the first can, and it appears that the second can is a slightly different color. or not. or different. It's hard to tell in the shadowy light of the afternoon. sigh. I'll know tomorrow.

At least all the dinge and the spackle-filled holes are covered, so it looks better than it did before I started.

But the coffee break was still a bummer.

Moral of the story? Finish your coffee? Don't take coffee out of the kitchen? Don't drink and paint? I don't know if there is a moral, but there's got to be a lesson in here somewhere. ;)

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