Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tempted by "The Darkside"

My sister knits. I used to knit, when our daughter was a wee lass. I loved making little sweaters for her, and she seemed to like to wear them. But when I caught the quilting bug, knitting became history.

I still love hand-knit items, and imagine myself making them. I don't, but I am tempted. My sister has tried to call me back "from the darkside," I in turn, try to lure her to quilting. But we're each smitten with our own calling. There's nothing I like more than something handmade, especially something made well.

Today was the annual Handweaver's Guild show and sale in Exeter. I heard the call and went. (I apologize for the poor quality pictures. You can click on them for a better view...)

The one thing about this show is that it is in a building that is VERY poorly lit. I couldn't tell colors to save my life. Is that blue or black? pink or red? Would that rug look good in my house or ghastly? There was no way to know, it was a guessing game. You can tell by the pictures how dark it was, oh well.

Did that stop my shopping? Heavens no, are you kidding? ;) I found some handwoven dish towels for my kitchen. I wanted green, there were none to be found. But since I've got grapes and cranberry accents in the drapes and wallpaper, I thought these might work.

And then there are toys for the kitties. These felted balls cost less than plastic cat toys from PetSmart. And they jingle! Such a deal, such a deal! (As I paid for them, someone complained that I had "taken all the cat toys." I didn't take them all, I just took the best ones. And I didn't take them right away. I looked at them, played with them, and then walked around the room twice before I went back and bought them. Same with the other goodies. If things were still there when I came back to the booth, well then surely I must need them!)

And finally, I was tempted once again by the promise of an "easy knit." This bag of reds looked luscious,
and the pattern is "simple knit and purl." Well, since I can do both, and she swears it's a "no brainer for when you're exhausted in front of the TV," I bought it hook, line, and sinker. Now I've just got to buy myself some knitting needles...

In the meantime, while we're away, the cat will play....

or nap where he is LEAST welcome. This would be on my pillow. After the flash, he glared at me then covered his eyes with his paw and wished me mal-intent.**

**interesting. I know I've heard that phrase/word before, but apparently it is not one? Perhaps I should just say that he gave me the evil eye and I could sense him simultaneously cursing me for disturbing him and gloating with the knowledge that since my pillow was already furry I'd leave him be. and so I did.

sigh. To be at the mercy of such a creature. Why do I allow it? Nevermind, I don't want to know. ;)

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