Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another One Done

It feels good to have another quilt-for-hire finished. Hopefully I will be able to deliver it today. This was a fun one, all done in bright Christmas-y colors. I didn't take a picture of the entire quilt, because it was difficult enough to get the quilting to show on the close-ups.

This red poinsettia was quilted on a shiny gold fabric. It was so busy reflecting (despite the lack of flash) that it didn't focus well. But you get the idea...

It took me a long time to come up with something for this long red strip. I finally wrapped it up with a flourish.

And this dotty area - there were four spaces like this - what to fill them with, to keep with the theme?

This was one of those quilts that allowed the quilting to show better on the back. Here is a poinsettia chain. Not half bad, eh?

I've got one last quilt-for-hire awaiting my attention, and then I think I'm done between now and Christmas. I've got two of my own quilts that I fantasize about completing by January 1. Goals are good and all that...

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