Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Class Project, or "Why I Need a Design Wall"

Yesterday I sort of promised to post my landscape from the class. After some false starts, I finally came to a version that is halfway decent. It's probably not done - it's going to stay on the wall for a while - but for now, I am satisfied. I can move on to something else.

This was my first attempt. I had this really cool fabric, with the floating leaves, and I was determined to use it. In my mind, it worked well, implying more to the tree than there really was. But when I put it on the wall? gag me with a spoon. I didn't like it at all. grumble grumble. And I didn't bring any water for the lake, so I was stuck there too. grumble even more.

After staring at this miserable mess, I decided to go with the "cool" fabric for the entire sky. Maybe that would work. It didn't. I packed it up and took it home.

This morning I added my lake. yay. I love everything from the bottom of the piece to the mountains. But then there's the sky. sigh. It's better, but it's still not great. It's good enough to do for now, it no longer BUGS me the way it did before. I'll probably switch out a few more pieces, before sewing it together, but for now, it's okay, which is definitely better than grumbly.

And in case you're wondering how much fabric I wasted - I know I was - here are the rejected pieces that had auditioned for the final project. Who knows? Maybe one or more will actually get a call-back, but for now? They are waiting in the wings.

And on that, I have for-hire work to do. Enjoy your weekend!!

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Brenda said...

Very nice layout for your landscape quilt project. That will be a very nice one!