Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh So Busy

I've been in the sewing room, working on a quilt-for-hire. This morning I hit a point where I needed a break. I don't know what goes in the next area. The quilt is not talking. So I shifted gears, and decided to tackle Piece #2 of furniture from yesterday's shopping expedition to World Market.

I started with an unassembled file cabinet in the box, and this mess...

When I took over the chairmanship of the Best of the Valley quilt show, I inherited boxes and boxes of files and records. The "important" ones are strewn all over the bed and table top, the rest are still in the box on the table. And in another box on the floor. And in boxes in my garage.

Anyway, I got the file cabinet together, and cleared off the bed. My quilt show desk now looks like this...

The distance shot of the room looks like this...(better?)

But then I turn around and find this. sigh. I think the stuff is multiplying behind my back...

Oh well. I may not look any more organized than I was 6 hours ago, but I sure FEEL like I am. And now that I've got that off my chest, it's back to that quilt. I've got 6 more unquilted spaces to fill - WHAT am I going to fill them with?!!!

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