Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This and That

This week I've been invigorated to get into the sewing cave and get some work done. The plan when I enter the room is to do machine quilting, but that is not what's been happening in there. Instead, new fabrics are being taken to the laundry room, washed, dried, pressed and added to the stash. Old projects are being looked at: Should I stash this away again? Or just finish it?

The answer to the pillowcase question was, "Just finish it!!"

I bought this border print a few years back, thinking that it would be perfect for pillowcases to go with my winter quilt. Every fall I pull the fabric out, every spring it goes back into the stash. Not this year! I started cutting. hmmm. I thought I had enough for four pillowcases, there was only enough for three. I made two. It took less than an hour to finish them both. (How hard is it to sew a French seam and turn under the edge? I could do it with half my brain tied behind my back. ;)

The color isn't true, but it gives you the general idea. What do you think? Was it worth an hour?

My evenings are usually filled with some sort of quilting handwork, but not lately. I have been lured to "the darkside," and here is the evidence. This is my knitting basket, holding the throw kit that I bought at the Handweaver's craft fair.

The throw continues to grow. Here is a peek inside the bag, to see how much yarn I have left. It almost looks like the stripes are going to end up being horizontal, rather than vertical. oops. I guess that means I'm going to have to trim those tails that were going to masquerade as fringe...

Here is my progress. I think I've made some sort of mistake, because the pattern went one way for the first half of the throw and has now reversed. oops. Maybe it's fluffy enough not to be noticed. REAL knitters will not be allowed to examine it in person. ;)

And that's what I've been doing, instead of what I SHOULD be doing. Other things have also been finished, but they are stashed away for the next 36 days...

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