Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend Away

We were off and away again this weekend, this time to Napa. My husband had meetings on Saturday and Sunday, so I was at a loose end. The meetings/trip coincided with young Adam's 19th birthday, so we stopped by Davis on the way.

Here is the birthday boy, looking oh, so domestic. (I have to say I am TOTALLY impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen. It is nothing short of miraculous!!) The short hair is extremely unusual, but it is the result of Halloween festivities and the removal of the mohawk before our arrival. The one thing we know for sure, is that it will grow. He has my ability to grow hair. ;)

We met up with a number of his buddies - the two big boys in the back are ours, the guy in red is Dad - and had a tasty dinner at Davis' Burgers & Brew.

Adam was the only one with room for dessert after his Feast, and B&B supplied him some complimentary cheesecake, complete with tealight candle and 4 spoons. Since no one wanted to share, he decided to use the spoons himself. He was surprisingly effective...

We got to Napa late Friday evening, and on Saturday I was on my own. I checked the phone book and found a quilt store. When I got into my car to get underway, I was surprised to see this directly across the street. wow. It's November 8? I guess I'd better start thinking "Christmas!"

I found my way to the Napa quilt store, Quiltmaker, and discovered myself in the middle of the Bay Area Shop Hop. Now what are the odds of stumbling onto shop hops TWICE in one year? I've never done one intentionally, but first I found one in Anaheim, and now I found one in Napa. wow.

I had a great time poking through Quiltmaker's fabrics. They have quite a wide selection, and they had a number of fabric companies that I haven't run across in my ordinary quest for fabric. I shopped, and I shopped some more. This is what I walked away with. They were grinning. If I was anything to judge by, they were going to have a VERY good day... ;)

As I was leaving, they encouraged me to go to the shop in Sonoma. "It's only 20 minutes!"

hmmm. I'd kind of shopped myself out, but they insisted that it was really cute, even though they specialize in reproduction fabrics. (I very rarely buy anything that would fit into that category.)

Well, it was worth the drive. The Quilted Cottage is darling! I didn't see any fabric that I needed, but it was still fun to poke through the little rooms and examine all of the goodies tucked into various nooks and crannies. I found this framed embroidery on a clearance table ($10), and I do need more 505.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable time. The next business trip my husband has scheduled is to Huntington Beach in January. Do you suppose they'll be having a shop hop as well? You never know...

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