Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making a List

I have lots of pictures today. I hope you're not looking for pictures of anything finished, oh no. These are more UFO pictures.

I actually began the day doing what I should be doing. I was working on the quilt-for-hire...

I was interrupted periodically to change the laundry. Don't you just hate it when you find something like this wadded in a ball at the bottom of the basket? I squawk a lot, but I'm the only one home. A lot of good it does me...

I watched the kitties play. Their personalities are quite different. While Charlie prefers being in the house and beating up his favorite cow toy,

Edgar is outside, romping on the roof.

As you can tell by the multiple pictures already, focusing/concentrating wasn't high on the list yesterday. I started pulling out more UFO's. yep. I'm making a list, and it just keeps growing.

So let's see. When did I start this Grandmother's Flower Garden? It had to be after the Kathy Sandbach class in the 80's, because the fabric was leftover from that class. This is another of those, "It seemed like a good idea at the time..." quilts, probably because the hexagons are so much bigger than the purple/green gfg I started before this one. I can add the bottom flower, and make one more for the obvious hole at the top, but is it big enough to do anything with? I can't say. But I guess I could make a one step progress, right? And it doesn't help that I don't have much black set aside with this project. What was I thinking?

In 1996, we went to England and Scotland. I got this grand idea to make a vacation quilt from our photographs. I didn't get any further than these two blocks. I can't throw them away, they're pictures of my kids!! (I got stuck on the head on this one.)

I wonder why Blogger flipped the penguin parade at Edinburgh Zoo?

I started this quilt to put on the bed in the dining room. oops. There's no longer a bed in the dining room, and the quilt still isn't finished. It's a pretty quilt, I really should finish it don't you think?

Oh look. Here's a box of leftovers from a Christmas quilt that I made for my sister a few years ago. Now that quilt was made in less than 2 months and sent to the recipient ON TIME. Why is there a box with a UFO in it? Well...the fabric was so cute and matchy - the first time I've done that! - that I couldn't break up the party could I? I wish I had more of the red floral or the Eiffel Tower. I suspect I'm hoping the fabric will be fruitful and multiply while in the box and out of sight?

hmm. One year I thought I'd make a trout quilt for Pete. I thought I had three blocks of the four done. I guess not. Any idea why I stopped? yeah, I think the fish are kind of ugly too. Since I made them, I've collected a lot better fish fabric...

Here are more leftovers, this time from Allison's Cal graduation quilt. I've got so many blocks cut out, I could make another quilt. Or two. This is an easy "grab it and go" project, and that's why it went on retreat...

I also over-cut for my 2006 Hoffman Challenge. That seems to be a theme, doesn't it? I've got all of these strips of fabric and bias squares - I don't want to put them back in the stash. Maybe I'll need another small quilt from this color never know...

Huh. I thought I'd taken another picture. It must still be in my camera. Here's the last one for today. This is the box of leftover 4.5" squares and 4-patches from the baby quilts I've made. I told you I've made a lot of them!!! I even made a baby quilt earlier this year out of just the 4.5" squares. It didn't even make a dent in the stack, other than to let the box shut again.

So much to do, so little time... ;) And on that, I'd better get back to work on the quilt-for-hire. Oh, and I did do a bit of handquilting on my own project last night. One step at a time, and we're always moving forward. Right? Right!!


quiltedtime said...

Whew, what a tour! And I thought I had a lot of projects going.

You've got me beat on that :-)

(I actually did do some applique yesterday and today. A quilt that is probably already 4 years in the making :-(.....I'm already trying to get in gear for that 12 step program.


Suzanne Kistler said...

quiltedtime, who are you?! :)I'm loving that you keep commenting, but you've got my curiosity peaked, big time! Can you email me or give me a blog or website address?

Glad you're inspired by the 12-step program, isn't it fun to mark our progress?!!

quiltedtime said...

Would love to email you, but don't see an address anywhere....maybe I'm just confused. You can email me at :-)

I enjoy your blog. I read this instead of shopping online for fabric. So far, I have saved..............$$$$$$$. Another 12 step program?