Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Oldest and the Newest

Just in case you thought I was done listing my UFO's, I'm not. I was just taking a bit of a break. Aren't these lovely? I found them in a box, they've been stashed for YEARS. Again, these would be hand-pieced, "because we're not Real Quilters if we don't do everything by hand," doncha know? I was taught that in my first quilting class, and was assured that it was True. And of course I wanted to be a Real Quilter.

Twenty years later, I say, "Bah! Humbug!" If it's ever going to be finished, my machine is going to have to help me! And so, I've sewn a few more of these blocks, this time with my machine. I'd throw the batch away, but these fabrics are a time capsule. Many are from the early 80's when I was still making clothes for my babies and toys and all sorts of treasures. That purple stripe was leftover from a mane of a 36" horse that I made. The horse didn't survive, but the memories did...

I think this is the oldest of my UFO's. Then again, I haven't dug to the bottom of the closet yet. But this one's got to be circa 1987, so it's definitely in the running.

And here's my youngest/newest UFO. I was making it "just because," and it has no purpose other than to make me smile. These are the extent of the blocks, and here are the fabrics pulled out for the top. One of these days...maybe in February?...I'll sit down and put the top together.

In the meantime, I'd better hunt for an empty Rubbermaid, so that I can get this stuff out of the way...Does finding a box for a project count as completing a step? ;)


pb said...

sure finding a box counts. I forgot to tell you that Pam Petersen has the 12 days of Christmas patterns here is her number. I told her you would probably call her to see about getting it. She is also cleaning out her sewing room and finding all kinds of goodies.(559) 688-1021

Lisa Ellis said...

I love the little kitty blocks.

quiltedtime said...

Hello, Suzanne! When does this 12 step program of ours start?

(I'm afraid to look in the depths of boxes, closets, and shelves, so I am just going to stick to some applique projects that I have been procrastinating on....:-)

pb said...

I love my card it is beautiful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Organizing counts. You can't know what's there and what needs finishing until it's organized. =)

The kitty blocks are great! You have enough for a wallhanging now. Those fabrics will go in another project, no problem!