Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spending Quality Time With...

hmmm...what could I be spending quality time with today, that would be blog-worthy? Before I tell you that, I'll show you new pictures of our street...

The water was off for 4 hours yesterday, but when they left, the road was patched, and the access to our water main had been replaced. We still have a yard full of paint, marking the utilities. Do you know how many underground lines there are? There's electricity and gas and water and cable and telephone and oh, now I can't remember. We came up with another one too...I know they used orange and yellow and red and blue and white paint...

But enough of that!

For Christmas, I asked Pete if he'd like a cow shirt. I showed him the pattern and the fabric. He lit up like a Christmas tree. "YES!!!" He was hoping to have it for the next CVMA meeting, which happens to be Saturday. All I had done was cut it out.

I think I told you, I have this rule: No sewing until the ironing is done. There's a second rule: No sewing until the sewing table is clean. That means that the portion of the table that I need for sewing MUST be cleared off, with the mess PUT AWAY. I can't just relocate it, because that's a nightmare.

I knew that if I stuck with my usual sewing scenario, I'd never get around to sewing. But I was in luck. Today, being Thursday, was also Itty Bitty day. My itty bitty sewing circle meets at Thimble Towne every Thursday. I usually drop by, say "Hi!" and run along my merry way. Today I brought my Bernina, and spent quality time with my friends and my machine.

By the time I remembered that I had my camera with me, Itty Bitty Sue was on her way out.

The front table is where the Itty Bitties usually sit. I told you we were itty bitty. There are 6 of us, 3 of us were there today. Sue left, and Kathy was sewing in the other room. yep. Itty bitty. I was the sole representative left in the room. Luckily it was also an "open sew" day, where for $5 you can sit and sew all day long. Jean, Linda and Karen were all there, working steadily, making great strides on their quilting projects.

I was working on the shirt. Does the pattern look old? I made a lot of shirts from this pattern... back in 1981 and 1982...

Look! Here is a rare sight. I am actually seated at my Bernina, using it!!

I can't believe how productive I was, without the distractions of laundry and household chores. I arrived around 10:30, and left around 3:30. Sue says she can't imagine Pete actually wearing this shirt, but I'm thinking she doesn't know him very well. If it's got cows, it's the bomb!

Here he is, in cowshirt heaven. He says he'll wear it to the meeting on Sunday. I hope so! That's what it's there for!!!

I have to say that the hours spent with the machine, the fabric, the thread, and the friends was therapeutic. I am MUCH more relaxed that I'd been when I arrived. When Pete's off for his meeting, I'm going to see if I can actually get that sewing table cleared off and make progress on my January step. Goals are good, let's just see if I can actually meet one!!!

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pb said...

I am so proud of you. Keep it going girl. I hate quilting it is still not easy and I have been at it all week. I would rather do the piecing so Iam hoping that I am a continue client. Nothing for you yet but there ideas out there floating.