Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wrapping Up 2008

Apparently beginning the new year in proper order is not something Blogger wanted to do. Can you believe it? My photos have been properly oriented for the entire month of December, but come 2009? Why not switch it up again? arg! And I was feeling so POSITIVE when I hit the "new post" icon. sigh.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of the pillowcases I made for my boys. Andrew left with his, before I snapped a picture. I found the number fabric while I was in Napa, and thought it perfect for my trio of engineers. Andrew's pillowcase has contrasting space/planet fabric, Adam's has nuts and bolts (he's been enjoying some carpentry),

And Daniel's has music. All the same, yet all different. Just like my boys. :)

Once again I went out and about, trying to single-handedly stimulate the economy. This time I went to Quilter's Quarters in Hanford. Her back room was 60% off, and her Christmas fabric was 50% off. I helped her downsize her inventory by 29.5 yards, bringing my grand total of incoming clearance fabric to...79.75 yards. sigh. Say it ain't so!!!

While I was shopping, my son called. A box had been delivered from CK Media. They were returning my quilt, along with the new issue of "Quilt It for Keepsakes."

Sorry the photos are flipped - they were right-side up with I loaded them. sigh.

Anyway, it was a nice little present for the last day of the year.

And finally, I was determined to finish binding this baby quilt before going to bed. It is now completed, and ready to be sent along to its eventual owner.

And that my friends, ends 2008. It's a wrap.

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