Monday, March 2, 2009

A Quillow?

A quillow? What, may you ask, is a quillow?

I was introduced to the term in the 80's, when I first joined the quilt guild. Some of the ladies were making them. They were dual-purpose projects, they were quilts masquerading as pillows.

I didn't see the point in making them. It took me so long to make a quilt - after all, everything I did was handquilted - why would I want it folded up and hidden away in a pillow? No, my quilts were quilts, and that's all there was to it. End of topic.

Fast forward to December 2008.

I was on my way to the Mennonite Quilt Center for their end of the year clearance sale. I asked the boys, "Do you need anything from the Quilt Center?" Daniel perked up. "Yes! I need a quillow!"

"You what?"

"I need a quillow. I'd like to have a quilt that doesn't have special significance, that I can toss on the couch and not worry about getting dirty."

Say the word and it's done.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't done, but the seed was planted. Tomorrow young Daniel turns 22. Happy Birthday, Daniel, I made you a quillow! (He called this afternoon to let me know that he'd already opened his gifts. He's going to be busy all day tomorrow, so he decided to get a jump on it.)

This is the top of the quillow. It looks like any ordinary quilt, doesn't it?

Here it is from another angle. It still looks like a quilt.

Here is the back. Can you see the pocket? It's camoflagued.

Here it is again. Or maybe that's a picture of the binding. I made pretty, variegated binding from multiple fabrics of the quilt.

Trust me, there is a pocket. When you turn it inside out, and fold the quilt correctly, presto, change-o, you get a pillow. See how it's tucked so neatly inside the pocket?

Here it is, ready to toss on the couch, ready and waiting for someone who needs a quilt.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

P.S. I don't know if you noticed, but I machine quilted this pretty heavily. I expect it to be abused. It will live in an apartment with 4 boys in the 18-22 age range. He can wash it and dry it in the machine, and hopefully it will maintain its shape with a minimum of shrinkage. ( I did prewash the fabrics.)

I think that's about it. Now, I'd better get back to quilt show business.

Oh wait! I should show you pictures of the birthday boy. Since he's a faraway kid, I don't have any 22nd birthday pictures, but I do have a few digital images from the past few years.

Here he is in high school, on senior class color day.

Here he is on his 18th birthday :

Here he is on his 20th birthday:

(You're looking at snowboarding accessories.)

And here he is...I'm not sure when this was taken. It was taken some time during the past year.

Happy Birthday, Dando!!! I love you! Mom

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