Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deep Breathing

"You will soon change your present line of work" - Panda Express

Do they know something I don't know? Or does the fortune cookie reflect the upcoming culmination of the past 6 months of effort? Come May, I will not be working on the quilt show. Come to think of it, I've only been working with the quilt show for 6 months, and we're having a show in 2 weeks. No wonder my nerves are getting a bit ragged.

Yesterday this beautiful bouquet arrived on my doorstep, along with the instructions to "take a breath." No, they weren't from my husband, they were from a friend who picked up on the possibility that I was having a bit of a panic. Inhale, exhale. All better now.

Yesterday (or was it the day before?), Charlie wanted to help with my early morning Daily. Charlie, you're a love, but you're not much help, you know? I could probably learn a lot from watching Charlie. That cat is filled with peace and joy like no cat you've ever met. It's all about food and napping and "Love me! You know you love me!" His needs are simple and he enjoys everything.

Taking a cue from Pat and Charlie, I thought it would be a good idea to stop and smell the roses. Or at least I could stop and take some pictures of the pretties in my garden.

This beautiful azalea came with the house. I completely ignore it. The only attention it ever gets is that I whack it back when it encroaches on the porch. It seems to like it there, and hey, it's looking very pretty today.

I always think of geraniums as a summer bloomer, but these look like they're pretty happy already. Bloom, babies, bloom!

Next up is this darling miniature rose. If I remember correctly, it's called "Rainbow's End." Elaine gave it to me in a 4" pot. It's now so large Pete is threatening to dig it up and move it. It's blocking a sprinkler. There are dozens of buds on this bush, in the next few weeks it's going to become a riot of color.

The irises are also beginning to bloom. I haven't been as enthralled by them this year, probably because they are so stressed. Any blooms are welcome blooms, and I should probably go out and give them a pep talk. I don't want them to give up and not bloom at all!!

The Calla lilies are also starting to bloom, just in time for Easter. I had only noticed one, in the backyard, but when I look around, I've actually got quite a number of them. yay.

Here's another geranium, and another iris, (and the neighbor's driveway).

Here's another iris, and some Dutch iris...

More Dutch iris, and geraniums (that's a single bush), surrounding the mailbox...

I really enjoy doing a plant by plant walk-through, because if you look at the whole picture, the flowers get completely lost.

The big "tree" in front of the house is actually a Rose of Sharon. It won't be long before it pops out some buds and starts drawing the hummingbirds. I always love to hear them peep and bicker as they flit from bloom to bloom.

The dirt under the sago palm is starting to fill in with dianthus and johnny jump-ups. They are so cute! I love their cheery little faces!

In the backyard, we've got another color of iris in bloom.

And finally, I guess I studied well. Charlie also came out to smell the flowers. I'm not sure if orchids smell, but then, Charlie's never been terribly bright...But he certainly is happy!!!

There now. After that garden tour, don't you feel much more relaxed? I know I do!!!

Which reminds me.

As I was waiting for my computer to finish scanning this morning (it refuses to allow me to work in Word while it is scanning), I started surfing around the internet. I can't even remember why I thought of the Quilter's Hall of Fame, perhaps it was the walk through the garden. I've had a few quilts in their shows, and I wondered if they were having a show this year.

They're actually having a challenge, and I think that perhaps I'd like to participate in this one. The theme is SO much to my liking, I can hardly resist. I almost want to run back to my sewing room and start pulling fabrics. But I won't. At least not until May. Or I might pull fabrics, but I won't cut or sew anything until after April 20. Or...

yeah. I have no question as to why I have so many UFO's, and why some things just don't get done. sigh.

Gwen says, "Your April Step should be 'have a quilt show!' " You know? She might just have something there...

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