Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fragrant Aroma

The quilt show is plugging right along. Other than the inability to reach two key contacts today (both voice mailboxes are full!), I had no snags. I've still got 4 days to tackle the remaining issues.

The weather has been glorious, and I've been making an effort to get outside for a little while each day. It doesn't matter if I'm pulling weeds or sweeping leaves, it's just NICE to get some sunshine.

I noticed a fragrance that seemed remotely familiar, but it wasn't something that I immediately recognized. It took the buzzing of bees to catch my attention and look up. Aha! Orange blossoms! It's time!

I thought a close-up might be in order. One never knows when one might decide one needs to make a quilt depicting orange blossoms... ;)

And speaking of fragrance, I am also surprised by how aromatic irises are. They don't look like they'd smell good, and mine don't attract many pollinators. But smell, they do, oh yes, they do. I picked these beauties this morning, and now their scent fills the house. I find it to be totally tied with springtime, and my nose tells me for sure, "Spring is in the air!"

Artwork by Allison, 2000

And I guess that's it. I'm working on a few Easter cards that I hope to finish in the next day or two, but other than that? It's still the show that is taking my time...See you there, in 11 days...

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