Friday, April 24, 2009

I Found The Yarn!

The end-of-show reality has set in. It's taken root. It's in my house. And in my garage. The last of the load has been removed from the van and here it is - not in the least bit organized compared to two weeks ago.

You can see the seats to the van at the edge of the garage. This morning we put them back in the van. Yay. Small victories.

But then there's the sewing dump. yep. Two weeks of dump 'n' run makes for one big mess.

Since #1 son is home for a couple of days, today he's been on the computer. When he's working, I can't. yay. Instead of another day of staring at the computer screen, I focused on the sewing dump. It's still a dump, but now I could actually sew in it if I needed to. I even vacuumed.

And guess what I found when I moved the quilts off of the chair? I found the yarn! Isn't it gorgeous? I can see a poncho made from this, to wear this winter. It's supposed to be two throws. What do you think? Maybe? Maybe not. Either way, I liked the colors and they're mine, all mine.

Oh! And I started on my April step yesterday, I might just get it done!

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